Five Things I Love About The Huntsman: Winter’s War

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen whose heart was broken in two…”


  1. Nothing Is As It Seems

The trailer we’ve all seen flittering around Youtube ads and television commercials is no more than smoke and mirrors my friends. For some of the characters, specifically one character, appeared in the advertisement as a valiant protagonist, hell-bent on revenge. In the end, the individual ended up being a jaded and deceived antagonist, hell-bent on destroying the power of love. I will leave it up to the brainpower of my readers to discover which character is portrayed inaccurately.

This film makes it difficult to become uninterested. Plot twists are hiding around every corner so do not be fooled. Everything you thought you knew about this movie walking into the theater will probably leave your head spinning.


“The game is not finished.”


  1. Praise To The Cast

Let us take a moment to admire two of the cast members, Jessica Chastain (Sara) and Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman aka Eric). Each of them portrayed their characters so well how could you not feel swept up in their powerful romance? The superstar cast did everything in their power to move the audience and tug at our heartstrings. Watching Queen Freya (Emily Blunt) scream for her dead child would break many a heart. A chill ran down my spine every time the wicked Ravenna (Charlize Theron) graced the screen. Bravo. Just bravo.


“I don’t need you too believe what I believe.”


  1. The Audience Is Constantly On Edge

The anticipation can kill. I was dying to know what would happen next and how it would all end. Is the power of two lovers with polished skills, deadly sharp weapons, and a butt load of bravery enough to end a tyrant? You can only hope so as you silently cheer them on from your seat. Will they stand or fall together?


If you die, die for something that is yours.”


  1. Sassy And Humorous Dwarves

Accompanying the main cast is a band of dwarves who live their lives on the funny side. It begins with two he dwarves, and then grows to four with the addition of two she dwarves looking for riches to steal from travelers. Along with Eric they manage keep the story light even in the midst of a few foolish plans that almost get them killed. I mean, what isn’t there to love about dwarves?


Mirror, Mirror on the wall.”


  1. A Roller Coaster Of A Romance

Sara and Eric sure take the audience on a bumpy ride. The couple is torn apart and sewn back together so often it’s difficult to keep track. Their rivalry flourished as children while training for be soldiers in Freya’s army, The Huntsman. The sexual tension came shortly after. Evolving into love as they grew older. Sadly, only one thing stands in their way. Queen Freya has outlawed love. Love is sinful and punishable by the Queen whose heart froze many years ago in a castle tower. Both must fight to stay alive and to keep their relationship.


What does the mirror show you?”