Love, Rosie

No matter where you are, or what you’re doing or who you’re with. I will always honestly, truly, completely love you.

A realistic romance that will make you defecate yourself from excessive laughter. You can practically feel the raw emotion radiating through your TV screen. Will Rosie and Alex get together? Will life keep pulling them apart because they’re to pig headed to admit their love?

A person can only yell at the movie for so long before it gets weird.

You love him he loves you. What is there to consider? I suppose if the main characters had admitted their love outright there would be no story to tell. Well, what keeps the characters miserable is entertainment on our end. So the fans should consider themselves lucky the characters are a hot mess.

The film was adapted from the novel Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern published in 2004. Rosie Dunne, acted by Lily Collins, and Alex Stewart are best friends, meeting in their elementary school days. And may I say that Alex grows up to be a real looker, played by the attractive and brilliant English actor Sam Claflin. Also, I would like a round of applause for Lily’s fantastic English accent. I was so convinced it was real that I was flabbergasted to learn that she grew up in California. After this discovery I watched a few interviews to confirm. Alas, her English accent was false.

At the beginning of the film the two are getting ready to graduate high school. Both had plans to move on to bigger and better things in the ever-enticing Boston, Massachusetts. Where Rosie plans to study hotel management and Alex plans to become a doctor at Harvard. Prestigious, I know. Like most stereotypical gender opposite best friend duos they are in love. Only they aren’t honest with each other about their feelings. One misunderstanding leads to another and after graduation their lives lead down two unlike paths. After a very distasteful evening at their last school dance Rosie ends up pregnant. Congratulations it’s a girl!

PS it’s not by Alex.

Unknowing Alex moves away to Boston where he believes Rosie will follow him. Only she never will. The movie moves through about twelve years of their lives where you observe the highs and lows each of them face. One thing that you can take away is the notion that success and money cannot buy you happiness. Having people around that love you with all their heart and are willing to get on the crazy roller coaster that is your life can make a person far happier.

The story is beautiful to the very end. In some parts it’s a real sob fest but in others all you can do is laugh. The scenes are a bit more glamorous than real life but the story is quite realistic and relatable. A film you can watch over and over again without being judged to harshly by family, friends and roommates.


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