Blood and Chocolate

While the movie released in 2007 fell short of decent, the 1997 book Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause is a must read for any romantic and werewolf obsessed teen girl. You follow the main character Vivian, daughter of the now deceased pack leader, as she maneuvers through teenage life. Her mother is a flirt, her only age mates are a bunch of punk ass imbeciles and her pack is attempting to piece together their lives while hiding in the suburbs. The year before their move the pack was happily at peace with the world. Until her beloved family home was attacked by some fearful/ignorant towns people who set their inn on fire, killing Vivian’s father and a good portion of pack members.

Vivian feels alone. Something most teenagers can already relate too. No one at school will give her the time of day, the boys to shy and the girls to jealous. Until the day she meets Aiden, a human boy in hippie clothes, with a kind heart, and a cute face. In comparison to her age mates he is gentle and refreshing. When she is with him it’s almost as if her life isn’t shattered.

The real kicker is that Aiden wishes more then anything to be something other then what he is. His love for the creatures that go bump in the night is more real than he originally thought. Vivian holds tight to her love as the pack begins to search for a new leader, young Gabriel is a good candidate. Strong, intelligent and fair, he could lead them all into a new age. Even though he’s slightly older, in his early twenties, he has eyes for Vivian. This love triangle is full of fangs and secrets.

When “animal attacks” in pack territory start becoming hot articles on the local news the pack becomes increasingly anxious. Who in the pack would murder a human? Vivian could think of a few. At the same Vivian’s behavior starts to spiral out of control and there is nothing she can do to stop herself. It’s up to her to choose whether or not she wants to live like a human or embrace being a loup-garou. She must choose between bitter blood and the sweet taste of chocolate.

If you enjoy surprise endings and twisted love affairs this story is definitely for you. It’s not to graphic but not to innocent. It’s proof that even when you feel alone you always have someone there to help you through the bad times, even when you feel as if no one would willingly lead you from the darkness.


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