Hexed by Michelle Krys

The single refreshing part of this entire book is that the main character is not your average girl next door or even an outcast. Indigo Blackwood was the girl that many an adolescent teenage girl wanted to smack or trade bodies with in high school. She’s not that polite to classmates who she considers to have a lower social status, she proves multiple times how selfish she can be in the beginning of the book, vanity means a lot to her and last but not least: she’s a hot cheerleader. Her whole life revolves around cheer practice, her bitchy best friend and her shitty jock boyfriend. Indigo is literally a walking blond stereotype.

Sexy wizard Bishop crashes into Indigo’s life and everything goes to hell, unintentionally of course. Indigo is a witch with powers that with practice could be quite formidable against her foes. After her secret comes to light all she does is complain that she wants to be a “normal” girl. If only she knew how unique of an opportunity she was given.

Bishop must teach her how to harness and control her powers. An ability she would have never known was dormant inside of her if Bishop hadn’t spilled the beans. Her magic was practically nonexistent when she began her training.

Indigo’s mother is obsessed with pagan culture and owns an occult shop in LA. Her whole life is dedicated to everything witch. If only her mother knew that her beloved daughter would get the powers to make her magical. To bad the gene skipped over her mother. Poor thing.

A group of antiheroes called the Priory, sorcerers who are the sworn enemy of witch kind, are tearing through Indigo’s life in search of a book called The Witch Hunter’s Bible- fortuitous, I know. The Family, a group of witch politicians with shitty intentions and a lack of respect for the lives of others are running the show. Not to mention, who in their right mind actually chooses to call themselves The Family? Seems a bit lazy.

The three of them, Bishop’s shitty ex girlfriend included must fight the Priory in a battle for the book. In case you haven’t guessed yet: Bishop and Indigo start dating after coming to the random conclusion that they’re in love. I’m sure that bit of information caught you out of the blue. The first book of this series was a bit of a let down but there were a few spots where a creative light shown through. The story seemed generic in some chapters and imaginative in others. Lets see if the second book has anything to offer.


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