You’ll Be Bewitched: My Top Three Witch Novels

1. The Secret Circle Series by L.J. Smith

This series follows a teenage girl named Cassie who moves back to her mother’s hometown and learns the truth of her heritage from some fellow classmates. Boom! She’s a witch that can complete a circle of witches that has practiced alongside her family for countless generations. Once Cassie starts to come out of her dull, shy shell a series of unexplainable murders begin and she must pretend to not care for a love that isn’t rightfully hers.

The series is five books deep and if I’m being completely honest the first two in the series are the best with action and mystery in all the right places. The next three just seem strung out and overly complicated where one bad thing just piles on top of the next until it becomes a mess. It’s one of those series that you wish would stop while it’s ahead.

Also, the series was turned into a pretty decent tv show. Only there were little to no similarities to the actual book series which is probably the reason for its cancelation after just one season. I find if you watch it with an open mind it’s not so bad.

2. Wicked Witches of the Midwest Series By Amanda Lee

As a Midwest girl I thoroughly enjoyed these books, the description of winter was dead on. Especially getting your car stuck in a crazy ass snowstorm. Except usually there isn’t a wanted criminal or murder on the loose.

In this story of secrecy and magic are three immature cousins, three crazy mothers, and an insane/evil great aunt who just wont seem to keel over from old age. If you what you’re looking for in your life is a book with murder, romance, witchcraft, humor and ghosts that only converse with one character then you can stop searching because you’ve hit the trifecta.


3. Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong

Though this story ties into multiple stories from Kelley Armstrong’s The Otherworld Series I find this to be the most memorable. The only flaws that come to mind is that there were a lot of side characters to remember and that the book came to a pause before continuing in the next book Spell Bound. The sexual tension between the main character and her long time crush can practically be felt with the turn of every page. The main character, Savannah, is the spawn of an malevolent sorcerer and a half-demon so you know this girl is going to be the real deal when it comes to strength and wit.

She’s desperate to prove herself and thirsty for a chance to get out in the field on her own as a private investigator. Who solves cases you would never consider normal by any means. Mostly they cater to the needs of the supernatural community. She goes off to solve a murder case believed too be committed by another witch. Then shit hits the fan and Savannah is dodging danger and death around every corner, moral and immortal. The concept of a strong female character is something that I admire and I plan to reread this book in the future. Armstrong is a solid author with a lot of experience under her belt. I swear this lady is a computer with how quickly she publishes her high quality novels.


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