Breakdown of the Kanin Chronicles

Dedicated and loyal to her Kingdom Bryn Aven has never once strayed from her path to be a Hogdragen, a high-ranking guard to King Evert and Queen Mina of the Kanin troll community, Doldastam. Personally, I love Amanda Hocking’s refreshing take on trolls. Instead of the short, crazy haired mystical beings that we all imagine them to be. Instead they similar in looks to a human with an ability to withstand drastically cold winters and an insatiable lust for jewels and expensive things.

Also, some have the ability to use powers such as persuasion and the badass talent to camouflage ones self. Being half Kanin and half Skojare she is fair in comparison to her friends and comrades. She never quite fit in with her people but she is bound and determined to prove herself. She is one of the best trackers employed by the Kanin, retrieving young trolls born from the human world to gather profit for troll royalty. Hockings crafted an intricate race and hierarchy that as a book lover you can’t help but to applaud.

  1. Frostfire

From the first book the plot quickly thickens as they unravel secret upon secret about the kingdom they know and love. Bryn’s enemy and unsurprisingly enough her former crush, Konstantin Black, is hunting down Changlings with the help of others. Their lives are in danger and the Kanin people must protect their own from an unknown amount of enemies. Black has been on the run for years after a failed attempt to murder Bryn’s father and she is dead set on bringing him to justice. Only he seems to slip through her fingers every single time.

Then the romance factor comes into play in the form of Bryn’s own boss, Ridley. And let me just say that he is definitely not your stereotypical troll. That man is sexy! Bryn must decide whether or not it’s safe for her to love. But before she can come to a conclusion the two get sent on a mission to help another troll nation find their beloved lost queen. Lucky her! Only their trip hits a couple of snags.

  1. Ice Kissed

Dark secrets unravel around every corner that Bryn takes in the second novel Ice Kissed. She is unsure of whom to trust as the world she thought was half ass peaceful and steeped with tradition crumbles down around her.

The search for the Skojare Queen comes to an end but they are apprehensive to leave the young Queen with inadequate guard detail for fear that her life is in danger. Bryn must visit Skojare, a city built on a lake, once again with the help of her friend Kasper they must whip the Skojare guards into shape. In Doldastam the King has everyone preparing for war against a well known enemy that has lain dormant for fifteen years.

Soon enough Bryn finds herself on the top of the Kanin shit list. Her bravery and inability ignore the down trodden could be her downfall. During her travels as one of Kanin’s most wanted she runs into an unexpected friend/enemy who offers to join forces in order to keep them both alive.

  1. Crystal Kingdom

Not so shockingly Bryn joins forces with the one any only Konstantin Black while she is on the run. Even though her feelings for Ridley are strong Black breaks through the thick armor surrounding Bryn and even though they don’t necessarily acknowledge. Though only an idiot couldn’t see the chemistry between the two outlaws. It makes you wonder if Konstantin is as out for blood as they say. Honestly it was difficult to not root for him. What a heartthrob!

The Kanin are geared up for a war against their “enemies”. Even though the leading menace to troll society is hiding within the closely guarded walls of Doldastam. Trolls from every all over must join forces to take down the corruption. In the end they’re all left with scars of death and despair but also a hope for a brighter beginning.


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