Brian Meehl’s Suck It Up

Being the first vampire to come out to the public is stress provoking enough but also being an accidental vampire doesn’t help build up self esteem either. At the beginning of his story we see Morning McCobb, an under developed and nerdy teenage boy, graduating from a school that specializes in teaching vampires the art of shape shifting and society integration. Meaning it’s completely unknown to humans.

Morning is chosen to be the first vampire to ever reveal the secret of the blood sucking world in which he lives to humans. Though the reasoning is not so gratifying. Most vampires that are made are specifically chosen for their good genetics. Implying that most are beautiful and in prefect health. Except for Morning who was accidentally turned by a hiccup during the feeding process. His unthreatening appearance makes him the best candidate for the job because he is the least threatening of their kind physically. Flattering, I know.

After successfully making his day view he goes on a tour with his manager and caretaker Penny who is guiding him through his tour. She also brings along her pretty daughter Portia who Morning quickly develops an expected crush on.

The vampires in the book are peaceful for the most part and survives on Blood Lite, an ethical soy substitute. Though he can transform into any animal of his choosing, a bat, a wolf, a dog. The similarities to that of an original vampire end. If great for those who like a twist on the vampire stereotype.Recommended for young teens making their way through puberty, relationships and life.

The story is attention grabbing but not overly complex. It’s a tale of an under confident teenage boy who gets thrown in to stardom for nothing more than his unfortunate handicap. It’s a nice story about the under dog who had something his flawless peers did not, the ability to be approachable. Seems like a lame super power but in the end it worked out well for Morning.


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