Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

The story of Britt Pfeiffer and her monstrous trip to the Teton Range can be called many things, generic being one of them. For instance, you see the love interest from a mile away, the one person you know the main character will end up with in the end, even if you don’t want them too. But I must give props to the author for building such a strong, self-reliant female character who survives a back packing trip through hell.

As a way of getting over her ex boyfriend and best friends older brother, Calvin, who rudely stood her up on a night she felt was most important, her senior homecoming. In order to prove to him that she is independent and can do something for herself she decides with her best friend, Korbie (aka a spoiled brat) that they will use their last spring break of their high school career backpacking through the Tetons- where Korbie and Calvin’s parents own a cabin.

Upon arrival the girls get lost in a blizzard. As bad luck may have it they run into two of the three people on the mountain that lack a moral compass. Or at least it seems that way at first.

The men take Britt captive and force her to show them a way off the mountain. Like the geniuses they both are they follow this clueless girl out into the blizzard where there is an increased chance that they will freeze to death or pass out from exhaustion. The palpable love story starts out rough at first and then blossoms toward the end of their crazy ass journey to keep themselves alive. Beside the romance the plot can only be described as gripping and almost unexpected. Only those who truly aren’t paying attention wont figure out who the killer is before the big reveal.


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