The Eve Trilogy by Anna Carey

This series is based in a post apocalyptic North America after a deadly plague wipes out a good portion of the worlds population. The story follows a headstrong girl named Eve who grew up in the guarded confines of an all girls school where young ladies of any age and decent health are taught the ways of the world. And most certainly do not get brainwashed. Inside the school walls they’re taught mundane subjects like algebra, why they should fear men, literature and the history behind the plague. Their lives are structured and focused on sustaining their superb health. Though the glamorous life they were promised, after their quickly approaching graduation, remains a mystery.

Eve figures out the secrets to her future and flees, like a low level Pokemon, with one of her least favorite schoolmates, Arden. Life outside the school is less than formidable for the girls as they fight to survive. For unknown reasons the King has ordered a fleet of soldiers to track down Eve and bring her to The City of Sand at all costs. Just when they thought their luck was running out the girls run into Caleb, a handsome and intelligent boy living in an all boy’s camp as a refugee. The intense feelings between Caleb and Eve grow through out the series to create quite a love story.

The girls are in search of a fortress named Califia, run by all women who they hope will shield them to the world. Outside the school walls Eve and Arden learn the truth about the world and leaders they have been taught to love and adore. Life is no where close to how she imagined it and she must fight to keep herself and everyone around her alive. She learns the truth of her past and tries desperately to not let it affect her future.

The series is comprised of three well-written books: Eve, Once and Rise. If you are one for suspense and romance this is the series for you. The series is thrilling and never fails to keep you on your toes. Throwing in just enough humor to keep it lively.  The only qualm being that the ending leaves you a bit in suspense. Overall this series is heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring until the last page.


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